2011 Beacon Rock 50k
Jun 14, 2011Public
Photo: Talking runnin' -  night before at Beacon Rock State Campground
Photo: James giving the pre-race briefing
Photo: Early start 50k
Photo: Getting ready...
Photo: Taking off!
Photo: How about starting out with a short drop and then 4 gradual miles of gain?
Photo: Where's the single track?
Photo: Nice!
Photo: Columbia River Gorge
Photo: Getting airy
Photo: Cascade Locks and Bonneville Dam
Photo: Brandon and Erica
Photo: Looking west while climbing Hamilton Mtn.
Photo: Wahoo- actually made my ears pop!
Photo: Kelly dominates the ridge!
Photo: These guys can't keep up (I will be one on the second lap)
Photo: And which way do the flags point?
Photo: Betsy and Matt, second loop. Mile 25 or so...
Photo: In the foreground is the ridge we ran over for the first loop.
Photo: Last 1/4 mile or so is uphill on pavement! Ouch!
Photo: Obligatory cankle shot - ran with no insoles and a missing toenail to get  the perfect shot