Running Massachusetts
Jul 18, 2012Public
Photo: Heading up
Photo: And I get to celebrate the Berkshires with a Southern Tier IPA delivered on ice. Note the fashionable headwear.
Photo: Something seems to be calling me
Photo: Crossing paths with my footsteps from many years ago - Appalachian Trail
Photo: Meeting some AT hikers - TP and Kelly
Photo: All lit up at five in the 'morn with Diane in Cheshire, MA
Photo: Dawn outside Cheshire
Photo: Senior Sal
Photo: I finally make it to some grassy stage roads
Photo: And from there to quaint country roads back in the 'land of the living'
Photo: I see a few of these a day on small roads
Photo: Hard to resist
Photo: Also hard to resist
Photo: Sadie says hello back at Jennifer and Diane`s
Photo: But only a few hours later, a 'shortcut' put me on the most technical 'roads' to date..
Photo: It took about 2 hours to cover 3 miles
Photo: Yep! I found out later it had been abandoned for 20 years. I found a new route with only 5 extra miles.
Photo: The Green Mtns in Vermont from Glenn's front porch
Photo: Another happy dog
Photo: The next day, does anyone else find this odd?
Photo: Glenn's jogger is the bomb - performance tires!
Photo: An organic triple hopped IPA?
Photo: First Boston Sign