Manaslu Trail Race 2013
Nov 23, 2013Public
Photo: We were all ears at the race briefing in Kathmandu
Photo: After a long bumpy day, we were at the race start in Arughat Bazaar.
Photo: Ready to Run!
Photo: And then we were off! Claire and Lily on the trail
Photo: Andrew ripping up some technical single track
Photo: Race spectator
Photo: Try running across one of these!
Photo: Oh yeah, we started seeing some pretty tiny mountains
Photo: The farther in, the more sketchy the bridges
Photo: First blood, Anne-Marie takes a dive, end of Stage 2
Photo: Frosty, obviously in possession of a stolen mug
Photo: Finishers usually went straight for the food, Shaun, Claire Price and James
Photo: You thought your back pack was heavy?
Photo: Stage 3, getting ready to roll
Photo: Incredible trails and communities
Photo: Himling Monastery at end of Stage 3. Top 5/6 finishers.
Photo: Himling Monastery
Photo: Stage 4 started off with a bang for me when I followed a short Sherpa through a shorter door. Pic by Richard Bull w/permission
Photo: Back in the monastery - Pranev boiled his multi tool and went to work.
Photo: Thanks to Lizzy, Richard, Dhair and Pranev for walking parts of Stage IV with me...the scenery & company were curative.
Photo: It ended up being a really long day. I couldn't figure out my temp. Close to 4,000m/13,000ft
Photo: Surreal landscapes
Photo: Stage 5: I sat out the ~10k out-n-back and shuffled around the village finding dirty/cute kids around every corner.
Photo: Stage 6. The bad ass posse. Richard organized a race in Sama for the school kids before we headed out.