Running Iowa
Jun 14, 2012Public
Photo: The Wide Missouri and Iowa
Photo: I'm not climbing that sign
Photo: Sioux City Something - I got hit by spray from this place while crossing a bridge
Photo: Reminds me of Mr. Potatoe Head
Photo: Out in the country side, where is my nice shoulder?
Photo: Obligatory Iowa Kitty Pic
Photo: Running into dawn
Photo: I'm a sucker for neat mailboxes
Photo: Another crazy mailbox
Photo: Really? This is a chain...
Photo: Glenn Caffery (crossed in 2011) found me in Webster City using my sat tracker
Photo: The sheep  were really interested in the jogger
Photo: Is that a nose hair?
Photo: Shelter
Photo: Shane was walking from Kansas to somewhere in Canada...
Photo: The pioneer trail had shades and benches, one of my best mornings!
Photo: Main Street Iowa
Photo: Sometimes I feel like I am running into the sun late in the day b/c of the top solar panel. Really.
Photo: Had there been a little shade, I would have sat for a bit
Photo: Horses of course
Photo: More on the Pioneer Trail
Photo: Yay! Someday?
Photo: My thoughts as well
Photo: Thanks guys for letting me take a dip!