A short trip to Yangon, and Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda in Mon state, Myanmar - 22-24 Jan 2012
Jan 29, 2012Public
Photo: Yangon university students having lunch
Photo: A Christian church in Yangon university
Photo: Yangon University
Photo: A student hostel, Yangon university
Photo: A student hostel, Yangon university - they look like abandoned for years
Photo: Another student hostel of Yangon university without maintenance
Photo: Yangon Technical University
Formerly Yangon Institute of Technology
Photo: Building housing the labs - lacking maintenance
Photo: A laboratory - without a use for years?
Photo: Engine lab - again in no use for years?
Photo: The two old boilers waiting for major overhaul
Photo: The smaller boiler in old fashion
Photo: Blacksmith shop - where are the students?
Photo: Walkway along the row of labs..
Photo: A classroom covered in dust..
Photo: Technical books from many many years ago..
Photo: A plush, upmarket mall in Yangon
Photo: Shwedagon Pagoda - photo from Peoples' park
Photo: One of four entrances to Shwedagon pagoda
Photo: Inside the entrance staircase to Shwedagon pagoda
Photo: Staircase to Shwedagon
Photo: 100 meter tall Shwedagon Pagoda Chedi on a small hill
Photo: A typical passenger bus in Yangon
Photo: The ferry boat between Yangon and Dala, arriving at Yangon jetty