18-20 Dec 2005 Three days two nights trek from Sab Tai to centre of Khao Yai national park, Thailand
Mar 20, 2012Public
Photo: Mushrooms on the trail from Sab Tai into Khao Yai jungle
Photo: Going up the hill through bushes and secondary forest
Photo: The landscape of north-western Khao Yai national park's grassland and bushes at 1000 meter
Photo: Sunset view, north-western Khao Yai national park
Photo: Morning view from the camp
Photo: First night camp place
Photo: Hiking along and pass small creeks on the second day
Photo: A little creek
Photo: Sand and plants on the stone plate beside a creek
Photo: Going over a cliff
Photo: Hiking on the stream again. We were in headwaters of Lam Ta Klong river
Photo: Wild fruits
Photo: Wild fruit
Photo: Cracked log
Photo: Mushrooms
Photo: Mushrooms
Photo: Flower
Photo: Trekking along and across the head streams of Lam Ta Klong river  many times
Photo: Whole afternoon we hiked over and over the creeks before we camped
Photo: Third day morning we still hiked along creek, this time on Klong E Tow stream
Photo: Crossing Klong E Tow stream
Photo: Finally we arrived at the grassland of Klong E Tow - not far from the road now