Hike to South Needle peak, Lynn headwaters regional park, north Vancouver on 31 July 2010
Aug 8, 2010Public
Photo: Lynn creek
Photo: View of Seymour mountain range (to the east) from the trail to Lynn peak
Photo: Just before Lynn peak
Photo: View of south Needle one hour after passing Lynn peak
Photo: Steep going down
Photo: Going down into the col
Photo: Thick jungle on the trail to the Needles, Lynn headwaters regional park
Photo: View of Crown peak from the trail to south Needle
Photo: At the saddle and start going up to a minor peak just south of south Needle
Photo: Dry forest ground; the trail skirts the minor peak from the east and goes up to south Needle
Photo: View of Lynn range from south Needle peak
Photo: View to the south-west: Lynn creek, Mt Fromme...
Photo: View to north-west
Photo: The higher middle Needle in the north
Photo: Seymour river in the east
Photo: Looking north-east
Photo: Going down steep on the east slope - to Seymour river
Photo: Down to Seymour river
Photo: On the trail to Hydraulic creek
Photo: The only water source on the entire trail
Photo: Hydraulic creek - LSCR
Photo: Google earth image: trail to south Needle via Lynn peak, and return via Hydraulic creek