11 - 14 August 2006 Khao Laem hike in Khao Yai National park, Thailand
Jun 13, 2011Public
Photo: Beginning of the walk
Photo: Mushroom
Photo: Khao Laem grassland. In the distance is Khao Laem peak
Photo: Mushroom
Photo: Where we decided to camp the first night
Photo: Fish for dinner
Photo: Camp for the rainy night. August is one of the heaviest rainy months in Thailand.
Photo: Second day hike
Photo: Going up Khao Laem..
Photo: View of Khao Ron (highest in Khao Yai park), and Khao Kaeo (Right)
Photo: Khao Laem grassland
Photo: The last hurdle before finding the peak
Photo: Forest ranger at Khao Laem peak
Photo: Rocks at the peak. There have been stories about cave system in this mountain used by insurgents in the 1970's.
Photo: Place to camp the second night
Photo: Second night camp.. everyone was wet
Photo: Second night before the heavy downpour
Photo: White flowers
Photo: The forest ranger's gear
Photo: Krok De waterfall
Photo: Spider
Photo: Grass hopper
Photo: Arriving at the road