Buddhist Archaeological Site Bagan & 1500m Extinct Volcano Mt. Popa
Feb 20, 2011Public
Photo: Tunnel inside Htilo Minlo temple
Photo: Staircase inside the wall of Shwe Gu Gyi temple
Photo: On a fishing boat on the Ayeyarwaddy river (row boat)
Photo: Hand built boat on the Ayeyarwaddy river bank
Photo: Different lives on the river
Photo: Sunset over Bagan
Photo: Sunset view from Shwe San Daw temple
Photo: Entering the crater of exploded extinct Volcano - Mt. Popa
Photo: Wild flowers in the volcanic land
Photo: Going up the crater
Photo: Thick forest in the crater
Photo: We got lost two times
Photo: Peak view from an opening
Photo: Hiking up
Photo: A peak with a Chedi
Photo: 1500m peak with Radio/TV towers
Photo: Other two peaks
Photo: The crater and the village where there is a trailhead
Photo: The crater we walked up to the peak