7 - 11 Feb 2006 Umphang, Western Thailand
Jul 22, 2011Public
Photo: Mae Klong river near Umphang town, western Thailand
Photo: Mae Klong river flowing through green jungle on limestone hills
Photo: Rain forest, limestone cliffs and little waterfalls.. Rafting on Mae Klong river in Umphang - western Thailand
Photo: Mae Klong river in the middle of tropical forest
Photo: Tham Thalu cave near the intersection of Mor Thalu creek and Mae Klong river - Umphang
Photo: Klotho creek - downstream section of Thilorsu waterfall, Umphang
Photo: Thilorsu waterfall in Umphang, one of the largest falls in Thailand
Photo: Upper parts of Thilorsu waterfall
Photo: Emerald pool in the upper level of Thilorsu waterfall, Umphang
Photo: Boiling water at the campsite 1.5km from Thilorsu waterfall, Umphang
Photo: Union
Photo: Ban Kotha - a Kayin village on the bank of Klotho creek, Umphang
Photo: Wild flowers on the forest bed on the trail between Ban Kotha and Ban Thipogyi villages, Umphang
Photo: Going over a hill to southern slope where Thipogyi village is -
Photo: Buffalos, paddy field and a farm hut before entering Thipogui village, Umphang
Photo: A good house in Thipogyi village (Kayin peoples settlement in Umphang)
Photo: Fireplace in the kitchen
Photo: Birds over La Ee Or twin lakes - Umphang
Photo: Red flower at the La Ee Or lake area
Photo: She is very beautiful
Photo: Ban Muang Kua village just after sundown - another Karen village in Umphang
Photo: Village road at Ban Muang Kua
Photo: Houses in Ban Muang Kua just after the sunset
Photo: Ban Muang Kua village