Fighter Kite Tournament in Hoogeveen , Holland. 14/05/2011
May 15, 2011Public
Photo: Me, Ronald(WC.2008),Dany(WC.2006) and Ed.
Photo: Nardo, Fighter Kite World Champion 2010.
Photo: In the middle, Aquila, very good and very fast player,
in the final round, 4th.Place.
Photo: Respect to Rob,in the final round
3rd place.
Photo: Erwin,in the final round,
5th place.
Photo: Gamaniel,in the final round,
6th place.
Photo: Sam in the middle,Headjudge.
Photo: A special thx. to Sam and Paul for Organisation.
Photo: Good for LEGO,Layang and Nylon for 2nd place in the verliezersround
Photo: First price for Chaka,
10 kilo Golden Diamond, :-)
Photo: The Finalists,