Milwaukee fireworks with friends and family
Dec 29, 2010Public
Photo: Bubbles is becoming a pro videographer
Photo: And a pro smiler
Photo: Steven doing what he does best
Photo: Eric and Bubbles
Photo: Tristan
Photo: Bubbles up to no good
Photo: Bubbles, Selena and a friend
Photo: Steven decided to take a nap, though I don't think he was successful.
Photo: Ryan and Steven
Photo: Yum
Photo: Ryan, charming as always...
Photo: Ricky
Photo: Maggie, who spent most of the evening reading Seventeen and listening to her MP3 player
Photo: The Milwaukee skyline at dusk from Veteran's Park
Photo: The Milwaukee Public Art Museum at dusk from Veteran's Park
Photo: Steven looking a little Twilighty
Photo: Mostly Northwestern Mutual at dusk from Veteran's Park
Photo: Too bad I was using the tripod for the video camera