Richard M. Campbell Veterans Ride
Nov 6, 2011Public
Photo: Entrance To The Veterans Nursing Home
Photo: Here Come The Bikes (Perhaps 1,000 Of Them)
Photo: The First Bikes Carry The Flags
Photo: And Are Followed By All The Rest
Photo: And Still They Come
Photo: Hey Bobby, Turn And Smile!
Photo: Here's Cheryl & George
Photo: Here's Butch
Photo: And Sherry Streaks Past
Photo: Yo, Bobby & Pam!
Photo: Hey, Ken & Denise
Photo: What A Gorgeous Day For A Ride!
Photo: Getting Close To The End Of The Line
Photo: Don't Tread On Me (Flag Carried By U.S. Marines During The American Revolution)
Photo: Here A Bike
Photo: There A Bike
Photo: Everywhere A LOT Of Bikes!
Photo: The Nursing Home's Van
Photo: It Was Donated By Bikers
Photo: Some Of The Nursing Home Residents Out To Watch The Bikes & The Ceremonies
Photo: Here Are More Richard M. Campbell Veterans
Photo: Mr. Timms & Edna (Sponsoring Dealers) Came Out
Photo: Here Are Some Of The Civil War Reenactors
Photo: Howdy Ladies, Watch Your Step