Waterfall Ride Sept 2013
Sep 16, 2013Public
Photo: Nice group today. Added Lee & Nonie in Clemson.
Photo: First stop, Whitewater Falls.
Photo: Takes a few to move this crew.
Photo: There's Mike and Bobby D.
Photo: Trust me, we're going to see some waterfalls.
Photo: There is one down there somewhere.
Photo: See, I told you.
Photo: John and Tim living on the edge.
Photo: Luanne, Beverly, & John making their way down the steps.
Photo: What a cute couple they make. And a waterfall to boot.
Photo: Took a picture of Bobby trying to take a picture of Pam and himself. Probably blurry.
Photo: Luanne taking a picture of Bobby & Pam and the waterfall.
Photo: Us.
Photo: Whitewater Falls. Awesome.
Photo: Same falls, same awesome.
Photo: Still awesome.
Photo: Well, you know.
Photo: From a distance it's still awesome.
Photo: Bobby D. sorting thru his CDs again.
Photo: Beverly & John doing some weird dance??
Photo: Looking down in the gorge at Whitewater.
Photo: At Duke Energy's facility at Lake Jocassee.
Photo: Beautiful scene on a beautiful day.
Photo: Same day, different scene.