20121117 Cowpens Ride
Nov 25, 2012Public
Photo: Man, I'm beginning to wish I had stayed in bed.
Photo: What a beautiful fall morning.
Photo: OK. Now it's starting to warm up.
Photo: Larry's got junk in his trunk.
Photo: The world famous Bantam Chef in Chesnee.
Photo: 50's style.
Photo: T-bones, rib eyes, New York strips, um um.
Photo: I don't think she's too impressed with Elvis.
Photo: This place has some cool stuff.
Photo: Harleys, food, and rock & roll.
Photo: Ray, about to chow down on a ring.
Photo: Smiling Steve. Don't ask.
Photo: Larry had the perch.
Photo: They must have gotten their food before I did.
Photo: We will give it serious consideration.
Photo: George's alter ego.
Photo: Betty Boop came by while we were there.
Photo: What was left of Larry's perch.
Photo: Steve looking for a phone booth. Not sure what that is on his panties.
Photo: The Hogs are awaiting.
Photo: Mike, chillin' out.
Photo: Old stuff everywhere.