Million Mile Monday 2010
Jun 30, 2010Public
Photo: The Day We ALL Ride
Photo: Rest Stop At Wolf Creek Lake
Photo: Some Kayakers Beat Us There
Photo: Always A Line
Photo: Wolf Creek Lake (It had been drawn down for some reason.)
Photo: Ready To Cast Off
Photo: Here's Deb
Photo: We Had A Great Joint Turnout
Photo: The Greenville H.O.G. Bunch
Photo: Saddle Up, And Let's RIDE!
Photo: Did Someone Mention Bar-B-Que?
Photo: Fat Buddies Sounds Good
Photo: Part Of Our Group
Photo: And Some More
Photo: And Still More
Photo: Ray Had Ribs
Photo: We Had To Stop (It's A Rule!)
Photo: Let's Go Inside And COOL OFF!
Photo: Here's A Pair Of Steves
Photo: View From The Highest Point On The Blue Ridge Parkway
Photo: We Got Really, Really, High Today!
Photo: Add Your Own Caption
Photo: Oh, I See That Someone Else Already Has!
Photo: Mount Up, Troopers