Green River BBQ Ride
Oct 22, 2011Public
Photo: We're Not Gonna Let A Little Steenkin' Chilly Weather Stop Us From Riding Today!
Photo: Rest Stop In Marietta
Photo: We Have Arrived
Photo: The Parking Lot Was Packed
Photo: Good Eats Inside
Photo: These H.O.G.s Are Gonna Have Some Pig
Photo: The Three Little Pigs
Photo: Oh, Baby! - Tomato Pie!
Photo: Ray Kind Of Pigged Out Today
Photo: Larry Shamed The Rest Of Us By Eating A (Heart Healthy) Turkey Sandwich
Photo: Jay Went Whole Hog On His Lunch Today
Photo: Time To Mount Up For Some More Great Riding
Photo: We Stopped At Caesars Head (It's The Rule)
Photo: Everybody Else Had The Same Idea Today
Photo: Here's Ray
Photo: Pretty As A Picture (Wait....This IS A Picture!)
Photo: Caesars Head Panorama
Photo: Gotta Stop At Aunt Sue's (It's The Rule)
Photo: Let's Have Some Ice Cream
Photo: Bartender, WHISKEY!....Uh...I Mean Butter Pecan
Photo: There's Nothing More Fearsome Than An Ice Cream Eating Biker Gang
Photo: Here's George