Timms Mill Ride
Apr 26, 2009Public
Photo: All Set To Leave Timms Harley-Davidson
Photo: And Away We Go
Photo: Beautiful Azaleas At The Entrance
Photo: More Azaleas
Photo: Arrival At Timms Mill
Photo: Timms Mill Museum (Work In Progress)
Photo: Here's Mr. & Mrs. Timms
Photo: Timms Mill
Photo: Welcome To Timms Mill
Photo: The Flume Bringing Water To The Mill
Photo: Close-Up Of The Flume
Photo: Big Wheel Keep On Turnin'
Photo: Gears Salvaged From A 1946 H-D Knucklehead
Photo: View From The Back Side
Photo: Checking Out The Water Wheel
Photo: View From The Top
Photo: Our Host & Resident Miller - Dr. David Wortham
Photo: Traditional Millstone Grain Mill
Photo: Dr. Wortham Explaining Things
Photo: This Machine Separates Grits, Corn Meal, & Chaff
Photo: An Old "Factory Built" Mill
Photo: Dr. Wortham's Son Tending A Corn Grinder
Photo: Steve Getting A Lesson In Milling
Photo: Shafts, Pullys, & Belts Down Below