Harry Potter Party
May 23, 2012Limited, anyone with the link
Photo: Invitation
Photo: Brick Wall prior to painting
Photo: Brick Wall in Progress
Photo: Finished Brick Wall!
Photo: Hogwarts Express Sign
Photo: Stairs
Photo: Nimbus 2000 and Snitch
Photo: Diagon Alley Sign
Photo: Decor
Photo: Gringotts Wizard Bank
Photo: Gold Galleons
Photo: Snitch
Photo: Robe Shop
Photo: Decor
Photo: Wand Shop
Photo: Ollivanders Sign
Photo: Wands
Photo: Potion Bottles for Decoration
Photo: Educational Decree Signs
Photo: Dragon and Owl Decor
Photo: House Cup and Snake
Photo: Hogwarts House Banners
Photo: Text Book Covers
Photo: Hedwig