Italy 2Italy and the Amalfi Coast, 2012
May 9, 2012Public
Photo: Day One, April 27th - Hotel la Chiminee, Naples. Beautiful courtyard, excellent restaurant. Naples was hot, dusty, and crowded.
Photo: The courtyard - a haven of peace in a bustling city.
Photo: A bench made of tufa (volcanic rock) with tiled seat and back in traditional Amalfi style.
Photo: Balcony, third floor
Photo: The planter boxes had feet!
Photo: Well, what else do you do with a bronze statue in your courtyard?
Photo: First dinner in Italy - most excellent food and service at the hotel restaurant
Photo: Aglianico - my new favorite Italian varietal
Photo: Insalata Mista
Photo: Primo Piatto
Photo: Secondo Piatto - by then there was no room for dessert!
Photo: Day two, April 28th - Drive from Naples to Furore via Amalfi. That's Mount Vesuvius behind the Esso station.
Photo: Hairpin turns everywhere.
Photo: A castle on a cliff (photo through the front windshield, rounding a hairpin turn)
Photo: Roadside fruit stand - Marion and the owner's dog. Hey lady, do you want to buy a lemon?
Photo: Gee, what does this huge pair of lemons remind you of??
Photo: Saracen tower in Amalfi
Photo: Amalfi Duomo dome
Photo: Interesting plumbing in the Amalfi piazza fountain
Photo: Amalfi piazza - you can jolly well forget about parking anywhere near there!
Photo: Local ceramics - every town had lots of ceramic shops
Photo: Sure we'd love a pizza!
Photo: Getting ready for our first taste of really hard Italian mountain driving