Vacation: Guatemala
Jul 28, 2009Public
Photo: We attended the IMCoS 2009 International Conference in Guatemala. The land is full of contrasts - volcanoes, lakes, and rain forests.
Photo: This is the view from our our five-star hotel above Guatemala City.
Photo: On the terrace at night, you could see steam rising from El Fuego's crater.
Photo: This was the hallway leading to our room.
Photo: Our room had gorgeous woodwork, all marble bathroom, a king size bed, good air conditioning, and a balcony.
Photo: The view from our room - a secret garden complete with a Koi pond.
Photo: The pre-conference tour took us to several villages. Local residents use these "chicken buses".
Photo: We visited a convent that had once been a colonial palace.
Photo: A very pretty village cathedral.
Photo: Recess at a local boy's school - soccer game in progress.
Photo: Pre-school kids sitting near a fountain.
Photo: This was the local women's handicrafts cooperative. It was supported in part by the business school of the local university.
Photo: Their specialty was weaving. It was an excellent example of entrepreneurship and self-reliance.
Photo: This ornate mask was actually a faucet in the washroom.
Photo: Street vendor selling fresh fruits.
Photo: First day of the IMCoS conference at the university.
Photo: The opening reception was on a partially enclosed terrace.
Photo: This was a great place to renew old acquaintances.
Photo: This is the art/artifact museum at the university.
Photo: Here's one of the maps depicting the conquest of the indigenous people by the Conquistadors.
Photo: The university's water garden had a lily-filled stream that flowed past the student union.
Photo: The reception terrace was lit up at night with colored lights and glass sculptures.
Photo: Here I am, posing with the lady chef in charge of the buffet dinner.
Photo: After the conference, we spent several days in Antigua, the Colonial capitol.