The Best of Japan
Nov 24, 2014Public
Photo: Outstanding Museum (Tokyo National Museum, next to Ueno Park)
Photo: Best public park (Hama-Rikyu in Tokyo)
Photo: Best outdoor market (Tokyo Jogai Market)
Photo: Busiest intersection I've even seen (Shibuya, Tokyo, on Halloween)
Photo: Happiest little god (Hapi) statue (Hase Kannon Temple in Kamakura)
Photo: Best guide (Hiro at lunch in Kamakura)
Photo: Most enormous bronze Buddha (Daibutsu, Kamakura)
Photo: Best vehicle (Hello Kitty kindergarten bus)
Photo: Best photo-op (3-5-7 ceremony in Kamakura)
Photo: Best breakfast (Sky Hotel in Kanazawa)
Photo: Best fashion (as a guest for tea at the home of a local couple in Kamakura)
Photo: Best temple scene (Kannon Shinto Temple in Kyoto)
Photo: Best Zen dry garden (Kinkakuji Temple)
Photo: Most authentic tea ceremony (Senko-ji Zen Buddhist Temple)
Photo: Best little village (Gokayama)
Photo: Best dragon (gold leaf display in Kanazawa)
Photo: Cutest critters (deer park at Kasuga Shinto Shrine in Nara)
Photo: Prettiest residential street (Nara)
Photo: Best Samurai garden (Kamakura)
Photo: Best Entry Garden - Nomura Family Samurai House, Kanazawa.
Photo: Fastest train (Bullet train to Nagoya)
Photo: Best view of Mount Fuji and Lake Ashinoko (Hakone)
Photo: Best photo of us (Mount Fuji & foliage), Hakone
Photo: Best volcano (Owakudani Valley and Mount Soun, Hakone)