Bucharest to Prague
Aug 6, 2010Public
Photo: We arrived in Bucharest, Romania on July 21, 2010 and stayed at a very upscale Ramada hotel.
Photo: Ladies, leave your heels home! Locals have learned how to navigate the cobblestone streets & sidewalks without spraining their ankles.
Photo: The main boulevard in Bucharest on our tour of the city.
Photo: The Freedom Arch in Bucharest. It commemorates the exploits of WWI soldiers.
Photo: Nicolae Ceausescu's folly - the monumental Palace of Parliament.
Photo: Freedom Square - where the people finally got rid of Ceausescu. But it took several more years to gain independence.
Photo: The main square in Ruse, Romania. Our ship was waiting for us a the port.
Photo: Our noble ship - the River Ship MS Aria. It was impossible to get a shot of the entire ship.
Photo: Our captain greeted everyone as we boarded ship.
Photo: Our cabin was on the second level. It had a proper bathroom, lots of storage, and two windows.
Photo: The head chef - we took a tour of the galley.
Photo: Robert was our head waiter, and Virgin Maria was our waitress - she was funny and a really good sport!
Photo: Bagels, lox, & Champagne for Sunday brunch.
Photo: On July 23, we took a bus tour to Varna on the Black Sea, passing fields of sunflowers - an export crop for cooking oil and bio-fuel.
Photo: Varna, Bulgaria - Eastern Orthodox Cathedral of the Assumption.
Photo: Eastern Orthodox cathedrals have an iconostasis, mosaics, and frescoes.
Photo: Varna's archaeological museum hosts artifacts dating from pre-Roman times, including the world's oldest trove of ancient gold jewelry.
Photo: Here's some of the gold, dating back 7000 years, recovered from under the sea.
Photo: A Soviet Commissar's dream - Bulgaria's elegant Sunny Day resort at Varna on the Black Sea.
Photo: The regal staircase near the entry. The walls and floors were polished marble and Travertine.
Photo: By this time it was over 100 degrees on the beach.
Photo: I dipped my toes in the(quite warm) Black Sea, then hurried indoors over scorching sand.
Photo: Our tour for the day was Beogradchik Fortress, built by the Romans.
Photo: The fortress was nestled into a spectacular rock formation.