Tzarina and Prince Vladimir
Aug 26, 2009Public
Photo: Tzarina Ekaterina is a pet quality neutered female Bengal cat whom rescued in 2005 from the TICA Bengal Rescue Association.
Photo: In 2006 I rescued Prince Vladimir (Vladimir I) to be a companion for her. He was born and raised in a kitty mill and never properly socialized.
Photo: He used to hang out in the bedroom in Tzarina's favorite spot.
Photo: Over time, Tzarina and Vladimir bonded. They groomed each other...
Photo: ...cuddled together...
Photo: ...and napped together.
Photo: Both cats loved being outdoors...
Photo: ...especially climbing trees.
Photo: Tzarina loved helping wrap and unwrap Christmas gifts.
Photo: Vladimir I was always interested in anything inside paper bags.
Photo: Christmas Eve 2008. Unfortunately, this was to be Vladimir I's final Christmas.
Photo: On Inauguration Day 2009, Vladimir I ran outside and got lost. Tzarina was devastated!  She is a very social cat, interacts nicely with people and other cats.
Photo: Shortly after losing Vladimir I, I bought BBBengals Roxanna Sophia to be her new companion.
Photo: It took a while for Tzarina to accept her...
Photo: ...but eventually they bonded...
Photo: ...and hung out together.
Photo: But Tzarina was still pulling her hair out over the loss of Vladimir I, so I figured she needed a male companion too.
Photo: In July 2009, I bought BBBengals Vladimir Mikhail to become Vladimir I's namesake, hoping Tzarina would adopt him as well.
Photo: She did adopt him, nurtured him, and groomed him.
Photo: Now, the three cats are getting along and bonding as a family. But Tzarina is more interested in napping or going outside to explore.
Photo: They all watch birds together. The two "kittens" have really bonded with each now. They "talk" to each other and Vladimir follows Roxanna around constantly.
Photo: Late summer 2010 - A purple finch appears on the front porch.
Photo: Here are the 3 kitties watching the purple finch.
Photo: Fall 2010, and the 3 cats are fascinated by the wind blowing the falling leaves.