Sail Croatia!
Jul 5, 2014Public
Photo: After a very long flight via Frankfurt, we arrived in Dubrovnik, caught a taxi, and arrived at Hotel Splendid - our home for the next two nights.
Photo: Dinner at Hotel Splendid in Dubrovnik was scenic but the food was just ordinary.
Photo: The hotel was located in a quiet harbor overlooking the Adriatic Sea. I thought it would be more like Greece, but Croatia was a lot greener and more humid.
Photo: The outdoor terraces and dining room at Hotel Splendid had a splendid view of the harbor.
Photo: View from the steps leading from the hotel to the beach area.
Photo: The beach was tiny, all pebbles, no sand. The water was extremely salty.
Photo: View from our balcony - really nice houses with red roofs clinging to the hillsides.
Photo: The hotel kittens - there were three black ones and one striped one - maybe the mama cat wonders where he came from?
Photo: We spent the next day sightseeing. This is the great Roman fortress in Dubrovnik. It encloses the walled city and has been nicely repaired since the Yugoslav wars.
Photo: The Onophiran Fountain supplied fresh drinking water from Roman times to the present day. It's just inside the main entrance (the Pile Gate).
Photo: The steps from the Pile Gate down to the Stradun (main street). The Stradun is a long boulevard with the gate at the top end and the entry to the port at the bottom end.
Photo: The main plaza, near the bottom of the main street.
Photo: Croatia played in the World Cup, so the local high school soccer team marched down the Stradum, cheering for their team.
Photo: This is the infamous throne from the TV series, "Game of Thrones" - complete with nasty looking guards.
Photo: 600 year old statue of the knight Orlando in front of the cathedral, which is at the main plaza.
Photo: Inner structure showing Venetian influence. The fortress has served as a defensive site for a long list of conquerers of the Dalmatian Coast.
Photo: I had originally planned to climb the city walls but thought better of it because it was probably near 100 degrees out. So we went to lunch instead.
Photo: The harborside restaurant just outside the Dubrovnik city walls.
Photo: Our small ship, The Magellan. This was our home for the next week.
Photo: Our comfy cabin
Photo: Our head - very spacious - it even had its own porthole!
Photo: Captain Adria sets sail.
Photo: Host, waiter, bartender - Arnando - welcomes everyone to the Captain's dinner.
Photo: Some of our fellow travelers at the BBQ aboard the ship.