Rhine Journey
Aug 1, 2009Public
Photo: This was our gallant cruise ship - the MS River Symphony, owned by Grand Circle Travel.
Photo: Our cabin was near the front of the ship. Occasionally, swans would swim up to the window and look right in!
Photo: The Captain introduced himself and the waitstaff and briefed us on the ins and outs of the ship.
Photo: These were two of our guides, who accompanied us for the full duration of the cruise.
Photo: Breakfast was an elaborate buffet, which even included herrings and pickled beets. I was in my element!
Photo: Dinner was formal, though our attire was casual. There was always a regional specialty and plenty of wine.
Photo: We boarded the ship in Antwerp, Belgium. We saw a castle...
Photo: ...a Cathedral...
Photo: ...and nice public buildings like this Rathaus on the city square.
Photo: Belgium also had other delights like their famous chocolates...
Photo: ...and diamonds. We watched the diamond cutters and compared prices with my own jeweler. No bargains here!
Photo: During dinner we set sail to The Netherlands and arrived in Willemstad early in the morning.
Photo: Our guides took us on a day trip to the Delta Works storm surge barrier that protects the country from the North Sea.
Photo: On the way back to our ship, we stopped at Kinderdijk and took a short boat trip on a canal.
Photo: This fellow was enjoying sailboarding on the canal in the afternoon.
Photo: We had a bit of free time to stroll around town, where we met one of the residents who showed us his beautiful gardens.
Photo: Then we sailed to our next port of call - Dusseldorf. Unfortunately, we left the fine Dutch weather behind us.
Photo: Dusseldorf has the typical cobblestone streets, shops and restaurants galore, and an Internet cafe.
Photo: The rain didn't seem to bother this group of students, enjoying plenty of beer at one of the local bars.
Photo: This is a statue of Schneider Wibbel - a local folk hero who supposedly bought his way out of jail by buying off a friend to take his place.
Photo: After dinner, we set sail for Bonn. Jim was fascinated by the locks.
Photo: Our ship was just small enough to fit through a lock with about one foot clearance on each side.
Photo: Bonn was Beethoven's birthplace. Here's his statue in one of the town squares.
Photo: This is the interior of the Bonn Cathedral. It had lovely mosaics and stained glass windows.