CHA BBBengals Vladimir Mikhail
Jul 10, 2009Public
Photo: I met Vladimir Mikhail (aka Vladimir II) at BBBengals cattery in July 2009. He's a brown spotted Bengal kitten, born March 13, 2009.
Photo: His dam is Bakhutan D Devil Wears Mink, a marbled Bengal.
Photo: His sire is Kokopellies Shilohsummerz, a brown spotted Bengal.
Photo: First day home - trip to the vet, shots, full checkup, then he slept most of the day.
Photo: That looks like a comfortable bed (mine!).
Photo: I think I smell catnip in the cat scratcher.
Photo: Evening - lap time with Jim.
Photo: Vladmir fell sound asleep.
Photo: The TV room became the romper room.
Photo: He was bold enough to steal Roxanna's favorite blue mouse.
Photo: This was war!
Photo: Destroy the mouse!
Photo: Roxanna: How dare that little pipsqueak steal my toy?
Photo: Roxanna: I thought I had him there, but he ducked under the TV armoire.
Photo: By the end of the week, the three cats were trying to establish a "pecking order." He still chases the girl cats mercilessly.
Photo: Tzarina: Those two wackos can duke it out while I rest on my throne upstairs.
Photo: Breakfast is a very noisy occasion.
Photo: Vladimir explores a paper bag full of toys.
Photo: He also likes to watch TV and is fascinated by the computer.
Photo: No, don't step on the keyboard!
Photo: August - he's growing rapidly and tries to oust Roxanna from her favorite perch.
Photo: Vladimir is learning to become a lap cat, unlike Roxanna.
Photo: October - Bengals are climbers - Vladimir and Roxanna are now a pair and talk to each other.
Photo: September - he weighs 8 pounds - getting bigger every day. All Bengals love to play with water.