Sip and See 2010
May 13, 2010Public
Photo: Rest Awhile
Photo: Robin was our Hostess
Photo: The View to the Lake
Photo: Robin's Perennial Garden
Photo: A Bench as Yard Art
Photo: A Secluded Spot
Photo: Sit in the Sun
Photo: Robin's Vegetable Garden
Photo: More Yard Art
Photo: Dorothy's Rabbit Greets Her Guests
Photo: Whimsy in Dorothy's Back Garden
Photo: A Bridge and a Garden
Photo: Ferns and Hostas in Dorothy's Shade Garden
Photo: A Treat for Motorists
Photo: Stephanie and Dorothy Entertain their Guests
Photo: A Peek Through the Garden Gate
Photo: The Rose Garden at Barrington Hall
Photo: A Lovely Place to Rest
Photo: Boxwoods and Roses at Barrington Hall
Photo: The Entrance to the Rose Garden
Photo: Ferns and Hostas at Orchard Hill
Photo: Pathway and Shed at Orchard Hill
Photo: The Orchard Hill Pond
Photo: Blueberries at Orchard Hill