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Photo: 1881
Food for Thinking Christians
Photo: 1886 Millennial Dawn
Photo: Divine Plan
Photo: Color chart
Photo: Chart of the Ages
Photo: Chronology Chart
Photo: 1882 Day Dawn, J.H.Paton
Photo: Prophetic Chart, U.G. Lee ZWT 1898, pages 98, 230
Photo: 1909 chart of the Covenants
Photo: 7000 years
Photo: 7th day = 7000 years
Morton Edgar 1924
Photo: Evening & Morning
Photo: Daniel's prophecy, C:131
Photo: Flood year
Photo: BC/AD counting years
Photo: BC/AD counting
Photo: Creation to 70-weeks
ZWT Nov 15, 1904 p343
Photo: 70 Weeks Chronology
Photo: 70-weeks to Messiah
Morton Edgar 1924
Photo: Judges & Kings
Photo: Jubilee Dates
Photo: Prophecies affected by changes to the chronology
Photo: Patriarchs until Moses
Photo: Joseph