Starhill Forest Fauna
May 4, 2009Public
Photo: Our piggy-back land snail!
Photo: Reggie, Alana's Arboretum Dog (a very special breed!), scouting for bunnies in the nursery
Photo: Pickle -- unfortunately, more of an ally to the bunnies than to Reggie!
Photo: On your way here, watch for some of the colorful local livestock including llamas, bison, horse and pony farms, a Texas Longhorn show herd, and (seen here) African Watusi cattle
Photo: Just down the road to the south -- a show herd of longhorn cattle in Salisbury
Photo: A couple of miles north -- a llama farm
Photo: Sunset view -- our neighbor's horses help us control brush on Hawthorn Hill
Photo: A robin watching the deer in the distance
Photo: . . . and a closer view
Photo: Adorable at this stage, this fawn will grow up to become a tree-destroying machine.
Photo: Friendly greetings from a red fox
Photo: Coyote pack in mid-winter
Photo: A coyote pup peeks from its den in the hollow trunk of the Athens Trail Marker Tree a few miles east of Starhill Forest
Photo: Coyote footprint in our nursery.
Photo: One of our wildlife friends helping himself to a meal from our "tamper-proof" bird feeder
Photo: Young of the year -- this baby racoon has a plethora of food for growth at Starhill Forest
Photo: The eastern opossum, Didelphis virginiana, is seen occasionally cruising for spilled seed under one of our bird feeders.
Photo: Playing possum halfway up a tree!
Photo: All ears -- a seedling-chomping cottontail is difficult to sneak up on
Photo: A raiding rabbit sneaking into our nursery -- hey bunny, don't you know what fences are for?
Photo: A young cottontail rabbit homing in on a clover flower (for rabbits, grass is OK but clover is ice cream!)
Photo: Our native fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) is the largest tree squirrel in North America
Photo: Fox squirrel checking out a potted plant
Photo: . . . then decides to snack on some twigs of the incredibly toxic Euphorbia tirucali!