Construction of the Winchester Towers
Jun 5, 2012Public
Photo: Corner of N. Cameron and E. Piccadilly Streets, the Mrs. George Baker House
Photo: Demolition begins in the rear yard.
Photo: The fence comes come first.
Photo: Then the rear ell itself.
Photo: Leaving the main house to await its fate.
Photo: Chimneys, windows, and the porch come out first.
Photo: While the crew starts staging in the yard for the next step.
Photo: The roof comes off, then the walls start coming down.
Photo: Leaving a pile of bricks on the sidewalk.
Photo: Time to survey the work so far...
Photo: Before starting on the first floor walls.
Photo: Cleaning up from the first half of the demolition.
Photo: The view from the former rear ell into the mostly-demolished structure.
Photo: The last few bits must be stubborn to fall.
Photo: But eventually the lot is cleared.
Photo: Construction starts on the new building.
Photo: The first floor is nearly finished at this point.
Photo: The crane places the steel beams for the second story into position.
Photo: The building starts taking on a familiar silhouette.
Photo: The second story is underway.
Photo: And then the third story goes on while more scaffolding goes up.
Photo: The first floor is still mostly open at this point.
Photo: Looking north on Cameron, the new building extends to the edge of the old rear yard.
Photo: Looking south on Cameron, you can see the Dr Pepper Bottling Company to the left and the George Washington Hotel in the background.