Loudoun Street, circa 1980
May 17, 2012Public
Photo: The Dowdall/Kurtz House, 21 S. Loudoun St.
Photo: 121 S. Loudoun St.
Photo: Newberry Co., 145 N. Loudoun
Photo: McCrory's (Taylor Hotel), 119-129 N. Loudoun.
Photo: The Bargain Corner and Barber Shop, 141 S. Loudoun St.
Photo: The Bargain Corner, looking north
Photo: Jewel Box and Fashion Footwear, 157 N. Loudoun
Photo: Cooper's Jewelers (Union Bank), 101 N. Loudoun
Photo: Millstone fountain, F&M Bank, and view east on Rouss Ave. to Cameron St.
Photo: 100 block of N. Loudoun, looking north from the Frederick County Courthouse.
Photo: Flounder building at 9 Court Square
Photo: County Clerk's Office at Court Square
Photo: Beneficial Loans, 33 S. Loudoun
Photo: PHW walking tour group in the 200 block of S. Loudoun
Photo: Walking tour group in front of the Red Lion Tavern, 202-204 S. Loudoun St.
Photo: Walkign tour group at the PHW office, 8 E. Cork St.
Photo: Pointing out details at the Kurtz House, 21 S. Loudoun St.
Photo: Walking tour on the mall.