Syncro Safari '12
Jul 18, 2012Public
Photo: Fresh pasta from Il Pastiao in Boulder at Dalton Springs Campground, 4 mi W of Monticello, Utah. Note pineapple
Photo: Poma lift at the old Blue Mtn Ski Area near Monticello.
Photo: On the road with Bob to Chinle.
Photo: Cottonwood Campground, Canyon de Chelly
Photo: Driving the S Rim road the next day.  Spider Rock, where we'll camp the next night.
Photo: Looking down from the S rim
Photo: Whitehouse ruin from the S rim
Photo: Looking down into the canyon, at the center of each circle is an ant hill.  There must be an interesting explanation of what is going on.
Photo: The road we'll drive tomorrow.
Photo: Taco night preparations
Photo: Some of us help by keeping out of the way....
Photo: We have a taco night at every Syncro Safari because Jim likes tacos.
Photo: Jim LOVES tacos!
Photo: Luke & Margaret from Spokane
Photo: Heading into Canyon de Chelly.  A stop at some rock
art and a place to air-down before the sand.
Photo: Lots of horses in the canyon and quite a few colts, too.
Photo: Now the sand--four miles to the jct of the two arms of the canyon.