TERA Female Sorcerer Outfits
May 15, 2012Public
Photo: This one isn't SO bad. It just looks like a REALLY SHORT cocktail dress. Like, built in A/C short...
Photo: They don't have winter in TERA.
Photo: If this were pants, it wouldn't be so bad.
Photo: I'm pretty sure this is a real dress somewhere...
Photo: This has WTF written all over it. It's one pointy-hat short of a farce.
Photo: Holy crap, I am speechless. Korea, WTF!?
Photo: A.K.A "The Pineapple"
Photo: Lifts and separates while properly aerating.
Photo: Oh gawd, make it stop...
Photo: /facepalm
Photo: And the train-wreck is complete.