Destiny Alpha Web Portal
Jun 13, 2014Public
Photo: The Navigator. Contains/Will contain a map of the game world
Photo: Here's the profile screen with the left-hand flyout menu. Underneath are the characters you have made.
Photo: These are the groups from the CLAN side menu. I only have one
Photo: Stats. It's broken out by game mode. The tall column is the story mode, and the others are co-op and PvP and stuff, which I haven't done.
Photo: More intense stats for the story mode that I've done so far.
Photo: Equipment. Hovering over the icon opens the panel for more info. This is also what the in-game inventory screen looks like (kinda)
Photo: Non-weapon equipment, like your Ghost (the floating thing), ground vehicle, and dropship.
Photo: Here's "Russia" as we know it in the game.
Photo: The "Grimoire" is your lore archive. Contains creatures and gear and locations.
Photo: All About The good Guys
Photo: The "Cards" have text on the back to describe a little about them.
Photo: The Clan screen. This is a "wall" that you can leave messages on. We HAD left some messages, but they vanished, making it more like a whiteboard than a wall.
Photo: I think you can join multiple groups.
Photo: Here's where you create a new group.
Photo: Public Forums. You can make clan/group forums as well.
Photo: More public forums.