University of Alberta (UQV)
Nov 4, 2010Public
Photo: Computing Services System Programming Group, c. 1974.
l to r: John Stasiuk, Daryl Webster, Grant Crawford, Alan Davis, Kathryn Ward (sitting), Gary Jackson, Rolly Noel, and Gerry Gabel. Not pictured is Charlie Benet.
Photo: Student Oriented Batch Facility (SOBF), c. 1969
Photo: Dale Bent, First Director of Computing Services, 1971-1986, University of Alberta
Photo: l to r: Henry Ewasechko (UQV), Mike Alexander (UM) and Gerry Gabel (UQV) at the 1052 console on an Amdahl 470V/6 at the Amdahl Benchmarking Center, Sunnyvale, CA, USA, fall 1974
Photo: From the left, standing, John Hogg (UBC), Mike Alexander (UM), Alan Davis (UQV), John Stasiuk (UQV), Gerry Gabel (UQV), Henry Ewasechko (UQV) and seated Dr. Dale Bent (UQV)
Photo: General Services Building (GSB), built in 1968
Photo: Rolly Noel
Photo: l to r: Rolly Noel, Ken Crossman, Bob Engley, and Keith Mills
Photo: Front cover, UQV Workshop Proceedings, 1975. Lloyd White, a UQV Computing Services staff member, is pictured.
Photo: Back cover, UQV Workshop Proceedings, 1975, showing Lloyd White's back
Photo: An MTS Cocktail Napkin, likely from one of the MTS workshops, scan courtesy Gerry Gabel
Photo: Gerry Gabel holding a Michigan Union beer mug at an MTS Workshop in Ann Arbor, probably 1976
Photo: A plaque presented to Gerry Gabel in 1977 when he left UQV. It reads: "Presented to Gerald F. Gabel; An Outstanding Collegue and Manager by the staff of Computing Services, the University of Alberta. Major Accomplishments 1967-1977: DOS/APL 1967, MTS 1970, FECP 1972, 470/V6 1975."