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Photo: Voorhees Computing Center at RPI
Photo: Inside the Voorhees Computing Center
Photo: Inside the Voorhees Computing Center
Photo: Don Porter at RPI, c. 1995
Photo: Garance Drosehn, June 1994
Photo: Garance A. Drosehn, c. 1993
Photo: R. Lindsay Todd, 1993
Photo: David Hudson, 1993
Photo: Eric "Scanner" Luce, 1993
Photo: Herb Lee, 1992
Photo: John and Alyce Brady, 1994
Photo: Joe Thornton, 1993
Photo: Jim Ault, 1991
Photo: Mike Kupferschmid, c. 1993
Photo: Sanjay Ramamurthy, 1991
Photo: Allen Firstenburg (RPI student), Steve Burling (UM), and Sharon Roy (RPI) on a boat on the Hudson River during the 1992 RPI MTS Workshop
Photo: Tina Duke, Bruce McKenny, and Jane Duke
Photo: l to r: ?, Clark Lubbers (UM), Bruce Cowan (SFU), Wilson Dillaway (RPI), Herb Lee (RPI), 3rd floor conference room, Computing Center, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA, c. 1982
Photo: Mystery Image #31, unidentified RPI grad student at a Courier 3270 display terminal, probably in Amos Eaton, c. 1980
Photo: MTS Workshop XII at RPI, 8 to 14 June 1986, proceedings cover