Dec 25, 2011Public
Photo: Tom Anderson, Ewan Page, Denis Russell, Harry Whitfield
Photo: Brian Randell, Tom Anderson, Ewan Page
Photo: Ewan Page
Photo: Harry Whitfield
Photo: Elizabeth Barraclough, Executive Director, NUMAC, 1967, Director Computing Service, University of Newcastle upon Tyne
Photo: Denis Russell
Photo: Gavin Eadie and Ian Bell
Photo: Malcolm Munroe, John Steele, and Gavin Eadie
Photo: Elizabeth Barraclough Building, March 2019
Photo: Roger Broughton in the telecoms room
at Newcastle
Photo: Gavin Eadie, Alan Ballard, Ron Kerr, Brian Eliot, Denis Russell
Photo: l to r: Jeff Berryman (UBC), ?, Dennis O'Reilly, ?, Jeff Ogden (UM), Bob Husak (Merit), Denis Russell, 3rd floor conference room, University of Michigan Computing Center, c. 1982
Photo: Brian Lander’s retirement was the occasion that brought five Durham computing Directors together in October 2004. Pictured are Iain Stinson (1995-1998), Lesley Beddie (2003- ), Jackie Bettess (1998-2003) and John Lindley (1981-1994). The fifth director, John Hawgood (1968-1980 - not pictured) was also in attendance.