2013 04 Women's Spring Albany
May 6, 2013Public
Photo: Vickie Eberhart, SW District Coordinator, starts our day!
Photo: Carolyn Register, VP of the Albany CWF, welcomes us.
Photo: Gathering time in the sanctuary.
Photo: Lavonda Shadix, East Central Dist. Coord., invites us to Fall Retreat.748
Photo: Rev. Betty Brewer-Calvert listens attentively.
Photo: Ann Brooks, W. Central Dist. Coord.  promotes some upcoming events.
Photo: Doris Hackett, SE Dist. Coord., encourages us to make items for Boutique at Fall Retreat.
Photo: Regional Elder and DW Study & Worship Coordinator Sarah Moody leads us in worship.
Photo: Used books were sold as a fund raiser for regional women's ministries.
Photo: Lavonda Shadix and Sage Appleby shop for books.  Choices, choices!
Photo: Workshop participants listening intently!
Photo: Mary Lee Rogers enjoying the discussion.  Workshop focused on joy, generosity, mission, relationships, encouragement, and prayer.
Photo: Doris Hackett and Margie Miles happily await the start of a session.Rodi
Photo: Carolyn Register and Faye Cooper preparing wonderful food!
Photo: Margie wins a door prize.  She's pictured here with her Albany friend, Carolyn.
Photo: dy Alverson wins a Disciples Bible cover.
Photo: Sage Appleby shows off a "preview" of the 2014 Quadrennial Assembly bag.
Photo: They're all hoping their name will be called for a door prize!
Photo: Instructions are given for an interactive announcement on Quadrennial.  Looks like fun!
Photo: The women from Warner Robins are having fun!
Photo: Personal care items collected for Albany shelters
Photo: We ended the day with our traditional closing circle.  It is always a blessing to gather with our sisters from across Georgia.  See you at Fall Retreat in Toccoa!
Photo: Rev. Marla Brock from Waycross at left led a wonderful workshop on relationships
Photo: The women show appreciation for our hosts and for the day's leaders.