2011 Mission for Biblical Literacy Haiti Mission
Apr 2, 2012Public
Photo: Sally Haas and friend holding a Plumpy Nut bar.
Photo: Baby Frandy before and after Plumpy'Nut treatment.
Photo: Child eating Plumpy'Nut
Photo: Sally holds Widnica - so sick!
Photo: St. Albans School - here are kids, healthy and educated.
Photo: Happy in School!
Photo: Kids write "Thanks for Tuition!"
Photo: Tent City.
Photo: Typical Home.
Photo: First Water Filter delivered.
Photo: Water Filter Training.
Photo: Cholera Clinic
Photo: New Kitchen.
Photo: Old Kitchen
Photo: Two burner propane stove.
Photo: Not in school but lacks tuition.
Photo: Needs to be in school.
Photo: A meal of rice and beans.