2012 02 Mungeli
Jan 31, 2012Public
Photo: Commissioning Service at Lawrenceville First Christian Church on 1/29/12
Photo: Landa Simmons, Chris Furqueron & Mary Brownley
Photo: Members and friends of L’ville First wore Indian clothes on Sunday, January 29th, to celebrate their partnership with the Christian Hospital, Mungeli.   Pictured are Kittie Miller, cousin of Dr. Anil Henry, David Richardson, Landa Simmons, Chris Furqueron, Mary Brownley, Adam Saulter, and Conal Charles.
Photo: Kittie Miller (Dr. Anil Henry's Cousin) and Landa.
Photo: Our Taxi from Raipur to Mungeli with Dr. Anil Henry at the wheel.
Photo: The Guest House and our home for the duration.
Photo: View of the hospital complex from hospital roof. Under the covered walkway is the atrium filled with beautifully bright colored birds for the enjoyment of staff, patients, and families.
Photo: Courtyard where families of patients wait for loved ones to improve.
Photo: Setting up for the nurses, capping ceremony.
Photo: Candle Light at the Nurses Capping Ceremony
Photo: Morning Rounds
Photo: The victim of a kitchen fire", this 35 year old woman has burns over 70% of her body. Looking closely you can see that she has a hoop like structure which keeps the blanket raised off her body
Photo: This patient, victim of an electrical accident receives 36 eggs per day thru the tube in his nose
Photo: Shehina in the delivery room
Photo: Shehina and I are having a baby today, but only one of us is smiling about it now!
Photo: It's a boy! C-section followed by a very long and difficult day
Photo: Early morning chapel. The recently capped nurses are in the front.
Photo: The young nurse in the front of the picture is Kovita's daughter. Kovita was the original guesthouse housekeeper and friend to wandering travelers
Photo: This morning we dedicated a new ventilator for the hospital. Some of the student nurses have gathered around to celebrate at the end of chapel
Photo: A Patient's Daughter
Photo: Mom and Baby
Photo: Ravine along road between the hospital and school.
Photo: One of the classrooms.