Detachments at Butterworth and Darwin (RAF)
Nov 1, 2009Public
Photo: SGT's Mess at Butterworth.
Photo: Group shot of 74 Sqn personnel taken at Butterworth.
Photo: This taxiing Aussie Herc is an early version, note it has three bladed props as opposed to four and no 500 gallon wing tanks.
Photo: Charlie Allen, John Bright, Taff Edwards and Big Jack, (74 Sqn ground crew members), taken at Buterworth.
Photo: 74 Sqn personnel board the Herc bound for Butterworth.
Photo: Beach at Butterworth.
Photo: This tree was taken at Butterworth.
Photo: SGT's Mess at Darwin.
Photo: SNCOs hut at Darwin.
Photo: A 74 Sqn ground crew member sits on an oxyen trolley watching a Hercules taxi past.
Photo: 74 Sqn Ligtnings on the line at Darwin.
Photo: The Working area for the 74 Sqn detachment at Darwin.
Photo: Men and spares on their way to Butterworth on detachment.
Photo: In the back of a Herc, not a lot of room to move around, now where's that trolley dolly?
Photo: "Luxury" transport in the back of a Herc.
Photo: This photo was entitled "Jack"
Photo: Coast at Butterworth
Photo: Fruit bearing tree near RAAF darwin, (Jun 1969)
Photo: Grounds outside the SGTs Mess, RAAF Darwin, (Jun 1969)
Photo: Unloading gear from a C130 at Butterworth, (Feb 1968)
Photo: Lightning "Delta" has just landed with a known damaged tyre, Butterworth, (Feb 1968)
Photo: 74 Sqn Ground Crew take a rest at RAAF Darwin, (Jun 1969)
Photo: Swimming pool at Darwin, (Jun 1969)