Ships (Ferries Channel Islands)
Mar 4, 2015Public
Photo: "Ailsa Princess" entering Cherbourg April 27, 1982 (Photo: A.M.S. Russell)
Photo: ss "Brittany", built for Jersey-St. Malo
Photo: "Caesarea" at Weymouth August 30, 1975  (Photo: A.M.S. Russell). As from 1976 on Dover-Calais route.
Photo: CARTERET - Le "Cygne" arrivant de Jersey. Postal stamp 1907.
Photo: "Earl Godwin" at Weymouth July 23, 1984 (Photo: A.M.S. Russell)
Photo: "Earl Leofric" (Photo: A. Duncan, Gravesend)
Photo: "Earl Siward" (Photo: A. Duncan, Gravesend)
Photo: ss "Ibex" at St. Peter Port (from collection A.M.S. Russell)
Photo: "Isle of Guernsey" (Photo: A. Duncan, Gravesend).
Photo: "Isle of Sark" (Photo: A. Duncan, Gravesend)
Photo: "Isle of Sark"
Photo: "Sarnia" at Weymouth August 30, 1975  (Photo: A.M.S. Russell)
Photo: "Sarnia" at Weymouth (Photo: Schiffsfotos Jansen, Hamburg)
Photo: "St. Anselm" (Photo: A. Duncan, Gravesend)
Photo: Cherbourg, Depart du Bateau du Guernesey
Photo: Guernsey. (Date poststamp: August 10, 1903)
Photo: Jersey - St. Heliers - New Harbour and Regent Fort