2016-04-21 CCT - Stromlo Forest Pk - Cork Oaks Section Walk
Apr 21, 2016Public
Photo: The guys at Stromlo Forest Park Car Park
Photo: The Bushfire Memorial Pond
Photo: Tennis court of a home along Dolly McGrath St North Duffy
Photo: Along the path North Duffy near Cotter Rd
Photo: Strange Deciduous tree in forest south of the Arboretum
Photo: Close up of strange Deciduous tree
Photo: Fruit for the strange Deciduous tree
Photo: Helicopter lands at Margaret Whitlam Pavillion Arboretum
Photo: Cafe in Village Centre
Photo: Fitz admiring a Monkey Puzzle tree in Forest 12 the Monkey Puzzle, Araucaria araucana, Chile pine. Indigenous: Pehuén
Photo: Blue=Walk 11.7km - GPS map view on map base using open source Open Steet Maps (OSM) NSW Cycle garmin map - 
gps, kml files are located in Google Drive: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B3KACTzeu2lANTA3NWM4NmItMjYyOC00MDAxLTk3ZDEtNzEzMjQ5MDViZGIw&usp=sharing