Short Tutorials and Reviews
Sep 8, 2012Public
Photo: How to add custom keyboard shortcuts in Ubuntu
Photo: Zparts, an open source component organizer
Photo: Overlaying a logo in multiple images at once
Photo: Creating a video from multiple images
Photo: Resize multiple images at once
Photo: Locating files in Linux
Photo: lscpu
Photo: Processor information
Photo: Flickr vs Picasa
Photo: Pictobrowser
Photo: HeeksCAD
Photo: Pong
Photo: Asteroids
Photo: Chrome in Ubuntu
Photo: Headless start with the Raspberry Pi
Photo: Installing Bluetooth Tools in Raspberry Pi
Photo: Turn Raspberry Pi into a Wireless Access Point
Photo: Install Libreoffice 4.0 Ubuntu
Photo: Audio-recorder
Photo: Zeitgeist daemon
Photo: DownThemAll
Photo: Download all Photos
Photo: Portuguese Makers Hangouts
Photo: eLab Hackerspace GSM Access Control System gets First Prize on Hardware Hacking Contest on!