600mm Cubes
Oct 31, 2010Public
Photo: 600x25mm frame with some of the motion parts and an old 500mmx1inch frame
Photo: I like what you've done with the place ;-) ...
Photo: Gen III motion parts
Photo: 600x40mm Frame with motion frame installed
Photo: 600x40mm frame
Photo: Leftmost 1 inch next 25mm next 1.5 inch next 40mm
The smooth extrusions are metric
As you can see, it will be easy to create compatible designs between these sizes with only minor Spec changes
Inch and metric CAN play nice together...
Photo: CubeSpawn Central is starting to take shape !
Photo: Bottom Row: Gen II Motion Parts 
Top Row, left: 2 Gen III universal blocks, right: Gen 0 parts ;-)
(Current: Gen IV)
Photo: Gen III "T" gantry bracket
Photo: Siemens Micromaster 3212 motor control w/out the case + some Mitsubishi PLC modules
Photo: Not Strictly 600mm... the forground is the 600x25mm in the background: the 600x40mm cube frame and the 1Mx1.5 inch model - (the first, too expensive prototype)