Doug's Shop
Aug 31, 2014Public
Photo: Parts is Parts!
Photo: I'm using this shop to get the prototypes to a functional state
Photo: the small mill and lathe are making it much easier to try out conceptual methods
Photo: Chip fab machine assemblies
Photo: More Chip fab machine assemblies
Photo: The mill during conversion
Photo: part of a chip fab machine
Photo: Werkin' it
Photo: WorkSpace
Photo: Power Supply, power converter for the Pi, Raspberry Pi, Smoothie Board, and 4 stepper motor controllers, all mounted and awaiting wiring!!
Photo: A pallet mover concept
Photo: The mill is modulized!
Photo: Shopping the fancy junk
Photo: Igus Energy Chain
Photo: The Tripletts, Mill (L) Electics tray (M) Ultimaker Module (R)
Photo: More Shopping!
Photo: A useful Conveyor design
Photo: Intercube Latch Concept
Photo: Electronics/Electrical tray
PS, Voltage converter, R-Pi, Smoothie, External Motor Drivers (For NEMA 23's)