The Isle of Aero
Sep 23, 2008Public
Photo: Svendborg, where the ferry departs for Aeroskoping--8/22/08
Photo: Wake of the ferry and boats following.
Photo: Little crooked houses on Aero.
Photo: The whole group at our Danish Christmas feast--8/22/'08
Photo: The streets of Aeroskoping.
Photo: A partial thatched roof on Aero--8/23/08
Photo: The pipe organ in Bregninge Church, 12th c.--8/23/08
Photo: Vaulted ceiling with a boat hanging to signify the importance of seafaring in the community.
Photo: Alterpiece from 1528 by Claus Berg from Lubeck, Germany--8/23/08
Photo: Window in the church.
Photo: The Devil whose mouth was widened by the bell pull rope which has since been removed. The Devil in the church signifies the artists displeasure at the payment for his services!
Photo: The alterpiece again, a Catholic alterpiece in a Lutheran church that came six years before the reformation.
Photo: A marble baptism font.
Photo: The pulpit with a self-portrait of the artist on the support beam on the left.
Photo: The group in the church.
Photo: Mike's beautiful window pic.
Photo: The cemetary
Photo: Hay in the field.
Photo: Store Rise Prehistoric Tomb, 6000 year old Long Dolmen, an early Neolithic burial place. Aero once had 200, but only 13 survive. 8/23/08
Photo: The opening of the Langdysse Tingstedet.
Photo: A spider web in the opening.
Photo: From a distance. It was pouring rain!
Photo: Store Rise Church.
Photo: The little blue house across from the Toldbodhus B&B in Aeroskoping--8/24/08