National Botanic Garden (25 Sept 2010)
Sep 25, 2010Public
Photo: The United States Botanic Garden, located next to the Smithsonian National Museum of the Indian and the Capitol at 100 Maryland Avenue, SW, Washington, DC 20001.
Website: Cari had to work on that Saturday, so I went alone and scoped the place out for a future visit.
Photo: I mishandle a cactus in the Western Room.
Photo: A southern rat tail cactus. Never seen one of them before!
Photo: Another funny-looking cactus.
Photo: The Western Room.
Photo: Up in the canopy looking down in the Jungle Room.
Photo: There's a fallen tree bridge in the Jungle Room.
Photo: Tillandsia neglecta. I guess it's a low-maintenance plant.
Photo: You can see the Capitol dome from all over.
Photo: Bougainvillia! My Dad used to have one of these growing in our back yard in California for a time. (He saw it growing at a Del Mar hotel and liked it.) It was like stumbling across an old friend.
Photo: Misters added the appropriate humidity in the Jungle Room.
Photo: There's a neat fountain and pond in the Jungle Room. It reminded me of the Jungle Cruise Ride at Disneyland...
Photo: The plaque for the Madagascar Periwinkle. (I liked the name.)
Photo: The Madagascar Periwinkle.
Photo: The hibiscus - another old friend from Los Angles. We had a big hibiscus bush in our back yard.
Photo: The Eucalyptus is another old California friend.
Photo: Our eucalyptus didn't quite look like these, however...
Photo: I never understood what the big deal was about orchids. Now I do. The ones in the botanical garden were amazing. My cell phone camera (I forgot to bring a better one) doesn't do justice to these...
Photo: More orchids.
Photo: Yet more orchids.
Photo: Couldn't get enough orchid photos...
Photo: Enough with the orchids, already.
Photo: Okay - one more.
Photo: A bear made out of bush.