Utah, August 2009
Aug 21, 2009Public
Photo: On the plane. Cari sat between Ichabod Crane and me.
Photo: Utah from the air. It has really grown here since I was in college at BYU.
Photo: The breast cancer awareness plane. My wife, a breast cancer survivor, is REALLY sick of seeing pink ribbons everywhere.
Photo: Our rental car, a Chevy Cobalt. Not a bad little car but not a good one, either.
Photo: The phantasmagorical Draper waterpark as seen from our hotel parking lot.
Photo: The Draper Temple, newly dedicated and opened earlier this year.
Photo: An odd Utah thing: "fry sauce." (A mixture of catsup and mayonnaise.) You get it at burger joints. Whether you want it or not is another matter.
Photo: At the Subzero Ice Cream Parlor, where liquid nitrogen is used to prepare the ice cream. As a demo, this fellow flash froze a gummi-bear. When he dropped it on the counter it cracked into a bunch of pieces.
Photo: Subzero Ice Cream: The liquid ice cream base is poured into this bowl with the extra ingredients and liquid nitrogen is added to flash freeze the contents. It is then mixed and served. It's good... but, let's face it, a gimmick.
Photo: The gang at a noodles joint, 8/20/09. From L to R: My son Ethan, his wife Sarah, my wife Cari, my daughter Julie, my daughter Meredith, Sarah's brother Quincy, Ethan's friend Sean, Ethan's friend Charles (lately returned from a mission).
Photo: Dopplegangers. Apparently the railroad bandana on the head rough-and-ready outdoorsy look is popular in Utah. This stranger dressed exactly like Sean walked in while we were eating at the noodles joint.
Photo: ...but it's a dry sort of heat. (Like a blast furnace.)
Photo: Eric and Tommy Hofer - Steady Machete, performing at Kilby Court, 8/21. (Tommy is my son-in-law.) Interesting venue; a converted garage in an oddly industrial/residential section of Salt Lake City. This was a CD release concert.
Photo: Tommy plays a Geddy Lee Fender Jazz bass.
Photo: Ethan and his Auntie Dona, 8/21, Kilby Court, Salt Lake City.
Photo: Siblings. I always get a kick out of when they line up in this dorky and awkward arms-on-shoulders pose. (There's a photo of Napoleon Dynamite and his brother Kip like this.)
Photo: The Conference Center at Temple Square - in infrared. (The IR filter turns foliage white.) 8/22.
Photo: Temple as seen from the top of the former Hotel Utah, now the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, Salt Lake City, Utah. Infrared, 8/22. The real color image of this makes a nice cell phone wallpaper.
Photo: Infrared Temple Spires, Salt Lake City, 8/22.
Photo: Salt Lake Temple, infrared light, 8/22.
Photo: Julie and Tommy, "The Pie" near the U of U), SLC, Utah, 8/22.
Photo: Orson Pratt's clever wagon wheel odometer in the Church History Museum, SLC, Utah, 8/22. I love this thing...
Photo: Bored on Mars - Clark Planetarium, SLC, 8/22.
Photo: Julie on the Moon, Clark Planetarium, SLC, 8/22.